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Motion design in a few words

Motion design, also known as motion graphics, animated graphics, motion design, or animated graphic design, is a visual art form of creating animated works. It involves using movement as the main graphic and artistic tool.

The discipline covers all the visual arts integrating the notion of movement. It can express itself on all the animated supports such as works of fiction (e.g., cinema and animated film), television programs and other audiovisual works, the digital art within the framework of exhibitions, performances or live shows, advertising and institutional film, graphic interfaces for web pages, software and operating systems, virtual reality and augmented reality, and video games.

Corporate videos & motion design

Corporate movies, animated social network posts, animated introductions for your presentations, filmed and edited interviews, motion design to present a project, a product – our motion designers take care of everything.

A video is better than any communication material. It catches the eye and can convey and simplify your messages.

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