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The creative brief

The creative brief is indispensable to a customer. Before thinking about the design of your communication medium, it is important to ask yourself questions related to your communication project.

Why? Because the more elements we have about your communication project, the more the design will be in line with your project.

A creative brief is a document that provides the designer with all the information essential to achieving the ideal logo for your business. It contains the basic information of your company, the graphic style you want, your timeline and your budget.

Graphic designers, let’s work!


Depending on the project, the creative process can take a few hours to a few days. This gives the designer time to experiment, explore multiple concepts, and offer you several options.

Our designers can work on short deadlines. Set the stage and begin your creative process well before starting your business; this also allows a margin for possible revisions.

Visual consistency


To be fully effective, your visual identity must be executed in line with your business strategy. It must appear on all of your printed communication media, as well as digital media.

Printed communications …

All of your correspondence is a reflection of your company and an opportunity to highlight your brand: business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc. This is also available on your brochures, flyers, posters, rollups, vehicle wraps and packaging.

… to digital media

Your digital communication media must not violate rule: the design of your website, your e-mailings, the mobile design of your applications, the interfaces of touch media available to your customers, all reflect your visual identity. To do this, we design a graphic charter that meets and adapts to the specific needs of digital media.

Low cost quality printings


Despite the digital age, the printing of advertising media brings real opportunities for small, medium and large businesses.

We maintain a privileged relationship with our printers and guarantee you a high quality printing on any type of support (magazine, roll-up, flag, leaflet, poster, flocking of vehicles, brochure …) as timely as possible . Count on an average of 2 to 7 business days delivery depending on the media and quantities requested.

A little overview of our latest works

The credibility of your brand identity and your communications requires a match between your desired image, your perceived image, and the aspirations of your customers. Our designers will help you to co-build your branding strategy and deployment on your print and digital media in order to develop and perpetuate the reputation of your brand and establish its image in the subconscious mind of your target.

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