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The Best Video Format for Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are the best tools to build your brand and grow your company, and they can be used in many different ways. From marketing to product launches, from training videos to case studies, corporate videos come in varying formats, and deciding when and where to use them can be quite challenging. 

The one thing that we’re sure of, whatever information you are trying to convey, video is the most engaging format to present that information and the right video agency can help you with that. Here are the most common corporate video formats and how to use them for your company. 

Types of corporate videos

1. Corporate product videos

Product videos can be very creative and are one of the best ways to introduce a new product or demonstrate how it works to a wider audience, especially if you have a product that’s not as easy to explain. Product demos can help you highlight the most important information about your product through visuals such as infographics or text.

2. Corporate marketing/promo videos

Promotional videos are used to bring attention to a specific product or event. Such videos can be part of the marketing initiative to put that product or event into the spotlight and draw attention. These videos can be the so-called teaser videos, where the company shows only glimpses of a product that they are launching in the near future to create buzz around the product. As a digital marketing and video agency, Arttractiv can create marketing videos for your company products that will wow your customers.

3. Corporate social media videos

Most companies have profiles on various social media platforms (YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others). Some of these platforms, such as YouTube, are fully video based, which means that companies need to create curated content if they want to stay current throughout these channels. Not only is this helpful to create a stronger presence and gain more exposure, video content has proven to be much more effective when it comes to social media marketing. In fact, research shows that video posts on social media get 48% more views. As a video agency, Arttractiv focuses on creating corporate social media videos that will boost your exposure and help you get more engagement.

4. Corporate live streams

Live streams are very commonly used these days, especially when it comes to corporate events. If you’re conducting seminars, hosting events or sharing news about your latest product at a live event, live streams help you reach a wider audience than just the attendees. These videos are usually shared on social media and are a great way to build a community and interact with people above the boundaries of the physical event.

5. How to or corporate explainer videos

There are different types of corporate training videos that you can use within your company. How-to videos are one of the most popular ways to explain a product or a process in a simple way. This can be used with your consumers, but also within the company as part of training. When it comes to how-to videos, the possibilities are endless. A video agency such as Arttractiv can help you create amazing explainer videos that your clients will love!

6. Corporate testimonial videos

Case study videos are one of the most important videos you could create. It is a well known fact that the best way to promote your company’s product is through other customers’ recommendations. Customer testimonials and customer stories are certainly the best tool in strengthening your brand and it will certainly capture the attention of a potential customer.

7. Corporate sales presentations

Video sales presentations may just be one of your strongest weapons, especially if your clients come from different ends of the world. Pre-recorded sales presentations can help you keep the momentum of the sales process, and they give your clients the convenience of reviewing your sales pitch as many times as they need it, on their own time.

8. Corporate onboarding videos

Onboarding videos are amazing for welcoming new clients and making sure they have all the information they need about your products and services. Onboarding videos help you start off right with your new client without overwhelming them with emails and documents. Arttractiv specializes in creating high quality corporate onboarding videos that will bring your company closer to your clients.

9. Corporate culture videos

Another great way to grow your company;s brand and build a community are corporate culture videos. Such videos usually emphasize a specific aspect of your company, whether you want to show it to the wider public or use it internally as part of onboarding videos, which we spoke about above.

These are just some of the many ways to use videos for your company’s advancement and growth. Each of these categories brings a unique aspect of your product or company closer to the wider audience and the right video agency can help you gain more exposure through high-quality video making.

Videos help you create a more personal relationship with your clients, and aside from knowing which categories you can use, it’s also good to know what makes corporate videos high-quality and what ensures their success. Below are some quick tips to make better corporate videos.

Tips to make the best corporate videos

Script – The first step to make a high-quality corporate video is to find a video studio that will create a well-thought out script. This will help you stay on point and keep you focused on the main message.

Location – The location for your video depends on the budget and, of course, the type of video you want to make. The setting of your video is just as important as the video itself. Not only does the right location make post-production easier, a quiet place where you can shoot your video with minimal interruptions will make the process of recording much smoother. Trust your video agency to help you find the best locations for all your video-making needs.

Crew – Choosing the right crew is extremely important as experienced videographers can recognize small details that affect the quality of the recording.

Length – As with anything else in the corporate world, corporate videos should be concise and precise. Be short and stick to the point.

Sound and lighting – This goes back to the second point of choosing the right location. The right video crew can help you find a perfect location where you’ll get the best sound quality and lighting, no matter what you are recording.


Bring your video making to the next level

There are many video formats you can use for your business. Videos will help you tell a story and bring your business closer to your customers and the right video crew can help you strengthen your brand. Here at Arttractiv, we believe in a personalized approach to video making, and we can make sure your video represents your business and your product in the best way possible! 


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